NAS/RS Report on Climate Change: Evidence and Causes

NAS/RS Report on I have a question. Since the heat is ‘missing’ and the casual answer is that it is hiding in the oceans, that interface, is it doing something that they didn’t understand before? Why weren’t they aware of this? What kind of impact did it have on climate before the current period, and if so is it included in their analysis? Are the oceans doing something new or has this always been a feature and what regulates it if isn’t. Because if temperature were rising before and now they are steady or slightly declining, what is the primary cause of this? The math indicates a steady rise of temps with the release of co2. Why have the oceans all of a sudden started to absorb the warming? How much of the recent global warming is due to either the oceans absorbing heat or releasing it? In regards to question 10, what happened to run away temperatures? That was what was predicted not a slow rise. I can show you the math that predicted this. Is it wrong?

As pointed out by many supporters of AGW, I don’t understand the difference between climate and weather. (Actually I do) At this point I can’t even agree that the climate is changing (except maybe colder)  The supporters of AGW spared no expense in explaining any event was related to climate change, so long it was in their favor. Events that weren’t were related only to weather and therefore allowed or expected.  So maybe it’s not climate change after all, it’s just weather… all of it.  In other words, they don’t have a clue.  They are just using weather to affect a political agenda.

By the way the big push to get us to believe that we need to do something is tied to the treaty that is up for next year. Is that why they have so many warming stories when it has been below 0 F for  the last 46 or 49 days in the Midwest?

Climate Change: Evidence and Causes.